Short-term therapy, it's a game changer
No need to sit on the couch, it's time to rearrange ya
Thoughts and emotions, we'll sort 'em out quick
No need for years of sessions, let's get to the crux of it

Six to twelve weeks, that's all it takes
To overcome anxiety or break from heartaches
We'll focus on solutions, not just problems to fix
Short-term therapy, it's a new way to mix

Cognitive-behavioral, dialectical too
Short-term therapy, it's the way to get through
Trauma, depression, or even just stress
We'll work together, you'll be feeling your best

Therapy doesn't have to be a long haul
Short-term therapy, we'll break down that wall
You'll learn new skills, to help you cope
And with our support, you'll find new hope

Short-term therapy, it's not just a fad
It's a proven approach, and it's not half-bad
So if you're feeling lost, or just need a boost
Short-term therapy, it's the way to be loose

No need for endless sessions, let's get it done
We'll work together, and we'll have some fun
Short-term therapy, it's a breath of fresh air
Let's take on the challenge, and show life we dare

So let's get to work, it's time to dive in
Short-term therapy, we're gonna win
We'll build a plan, and we'll stick to it tight
Short-term therapy, it's gonna be alright.
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